Merchandise has been a long time coming, but here at the Sett, we thought that it’s time we offered some BadgerGP merchandise! What better than badges!?

You can now accessorise your bag, jacket, tshirt or what ever you like with some exclusive Badger GP badges – they’re beautifully made and you can get the whole set of three by donating to Badger.  If you donate a minimum of £4.50 via PayPal using the button below, we’ll send off all three Badger badges to you.  Ok, so £4.50 may not be an absolute bargain, but all the proceeds go straight back into running and everything else we do, so dig deep folks, help Badger out and get yourself a Badge! (non-UK readers, please add a little extra to cover postage from the UK)

Anyone who has already kindly donated to Badger this year will receive a sett of badges too 🙂