Octane Photos have once again been hard at work in Spain today, covering the third of F1’s pre-season tests and kindly providing Badger with some great photos. Today the new-for-2011 moveable rear-wings have been the focus of their attention, with this great series of snaps showing the movement of the wings out on the track. Photographer Craig gave us a bit of insight in to the shots.

“This is our series of images of the rear wings in motion today on the back straight of the Circuit de Catalunya,” he told Badger. “The vortices coming off the Ferrari directly after the configuration change seem noticeably less than the other cars. That’s the beauty of shooting in a light misty drizzle – sort of peeking into the teams’ wind tunnels!

“We had a chat with some of lads from Virgin Racing and they reckon their wing actuates in 0.03 seconds down and 0.05 seconds up!

“The photos in the gallery are taken with the camera in high speed drive and give images every 1/10th of a second. All the different series are consecutive photos with none removed from the shooting order,” he added.

So check them out – it’s a great peek at one of the 2011 campaigns biggest pre-season talking points.