Good news folks, following a surge in visitors reading Badger GP and playing Fantasy GP via their fancy smart mobile devices, we’ve now got a proper mobile version of Badger GP.  It makes browsing our articles, reading our content and playing Fantasy GP really easy.

Simply pick up your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone and navigate to and you should be greeted with a nicely formated page, with text that’s large enough to read without needing to pinch and zoom around the place.   If you’re fortunate enough to have an Apple iPad, there’s an iPad edition too.

This means you can now read our features while on the bus, walking down the street or any other time you’re away from your computer and there aren’t any Angry Birds to fling around or drawings to be drawn.

What’s even more exciting is that you can now play Fantasy GP from your phone too, it’s been designed to fit on the small screen – handy.  Next time you’re bored waiting at the supermarket checkout, you could be in fact changing your team selections for the next grand prix.  Sorted.

You can even install Badger GP as a ‘Web-App’ which gives you quicker access to Badger and Fantasy GP via an icon on your home screen – follow the onscreen prompts.

We’ve included loads of useful information so you can always be in the know when it comes to F1 – via the menu on the mobile version you can access the TV times for all sessions of every grand prix, whether it’s on Sky only or BBC along with the dates and loads more too.

Note, that this is all very much ‘beta version’ so do let us know what you think of it, so we can strive to make it better!

Works on iPad (and other tablets too)