IMG_2161Following the massively enjoyable (and rather long) Canadian GP LIVE in London event, here at Badger we’re keen to hear your thoughts regarding our GP LIVE events – what you liked the most, what could be better or any ideas you may have for additional content as part of the event.  We had loads of positive feedback and praise on the day and via Twitter/Facebook, but as with all great things, we’d like to make it even better.

We’d love it if you could take some time to complete the form below and include comments about the following (and any others you have)  You don’t have to complete every part of the form, just those you would like to.  Constructive criticism will be well received (and some nice messages too!)

  • Organisation and Management
    • Ticket buying, how the event ran on the day etc
  • Badger’s Big GP Quiz
    • What did you think of it?
    • Could it be longer/shorter
    • Too difficult, too easy?
    • More or less of the different types of rounds?
  • The Fan Forum
    • This was new for the Canadian Event – how would you rate it?
    • Any other comments/feedback
  • The Prize Raffle
    • Enjoy it, good idea?
  • Prizes in general
    • Great prizes
    • What other prizes would you like to have on offer (within reason!)
  • Hosting / Banter
    • How did you find the hosting of the event?
    • How would you rate the level of interaction?
  • New ideas
    • We’re keen to keep making these events better than the previous – how would you suggest we’d do this?
    • Any ideas about additional ‘segments’ to the event?
  • General feedback

You don’t have to complete every part of the form, just those you have opinions/thoughts on.  Please complete your email address and name so we can get in touch – 3 lucky people will receive a set of Badger Badges!  Our findings from the survey will be published on later this month.

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