Everyone in the Sett, is happy to say that, thanks to the folk at Unlap.co.uk, BadgerGP merchandise in the form of three different t-shirts are now available for your enjoyment.  Unlap is a great online retailer, selling a wide range of motorsport themed threads – as ordered by Christian Horner and Heikki Kovalainen amongst others.  It’s an on honour to have Badger tshirts on the there too!

There are three different tees available and at only £15 each it’s a bargain!  There’s also a BadgerGP mug for sale too, but don’t worry, this isn’t the famous Trophy Mug – they can only be won in FantasyGP, this is an alternative white version with the Badger ‘B’ wreath design on it, complete with our very apt slogan.


You should also have a look at Badger’s Grand Prix Market Place for more shopping ideas and Badger/F1 related merchandise.