No, we’re not the only people mad about badgers it seems, in fact we’re tame in naming our website after the classic example of British wildlife – others are actually turning badgers into things…

Introducing the Badger Theremin.


Yes that’s right – a dead badger has been turned into a theremin, or ‘Badgermin’.  For those that aren’t familiar, a theremin is a great musical instrument that can creating haunting, wah-wah sounds (I’m not a musician) and is used by many bands such as the Flaming Lips.

The talented thereminist, Charlie Draper had a go on the Badgermin and you can see the results below…


Oh and no, before you ask, this article has nothing to do with Formula 1, but it is to do with badgers, so we had to publish it and share the goodness of the badgermin.

Source: Nervous Squirrel