Everyone’s been talking about the start of the 2011 F1 season and the opening race in Melbourne, but here in the Sett, as well as thoroughly enjoying the start of the new season, we’ve been sitting on some very exciting news concerning not this year, but the 2012 F1 season.

It’s only now, following agreements with our partners, that we can officially announce that after securing sufficient financial backing (source to remain undisclosed for now) that Badger GP Racing Team will be entering the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship.

We believe we have learned a great deal from the failed Stefan GP and USF1 projects, as well as the HRT effort, and we feel we’re more than ready to take on the challenge of running a grand prix team.  Badger GP Racing (BGPR) will add too the British-based F1 contingent and, following a frank chat over a beer (no court cases), we’ve reached an agreement with Team Lotus that means we too can run in British Racing Green; however, as a sign of respect for them, we won’t include any yellow in our livery.

Like the other new teams, we want to keep costs down, so we’ve been hiring the very best graduates from automotive and mechanical engineering degree courses and putting them through their paces.  Award winning Graphic Design student, Ivor Gott-Apen has produced this mock-up of our livery for 2012 (see, we’ve even got further than USF1 already – sorry Peter)

Thanks to our name, we’ve attracted some major sponsors including the WWF (not wrestling, the other one) the RSPCA, the American state of Wisconsin and none other than Mr Bill Oddie, who’ll be heading up our PR and marketing department.

Thanks to F1’s global audience, it wasn’t too tricky in getting the WWF and Mr. Oddie onboard – after all, what better way to spread the word on the great British Wildlife that with Formula One?

Unlike previous efforts to form an F1 team, we’re going to be as open and honest as possible – we’ll be the peoples’ Formula 1 team and offer 250 grand prix tickets to fans for each race of the season. And that’s just for starters.

On the subject of being open, our driver line up is coming along well, one seat is 90% confirmed, following talks with an ex-Champion who’s been busy throwing the media off the scent by talking about racing around tracks that only go left (and they bought it!).  The other seat remains open for now, with discussions ongoing with a number of talented racers.

Stay tuned folks and all being well, 2012 will be an even more epic season than any before.

For more details – Official press release here:

Badger GP Racing Team confirmed for 2012

This site, BadgerGP.com will continue to run as it is now, but with greater access to the sport than before, so we’ll be bringing you yet more interesting features, exclusive interviews and more.

(note the date folks!)