In the wake of a bizarre, unpredictable, but truly fantastic start to the f1 season its time to update the badgerometer where I, Emma O’Rouge rate the current Top 5 and bottom 1 in Formula 1.

Brawn make further adjustments to Barrichello's car
Brawn make further adjustments to Barrichello's car


In at one is Rubens ‘the plough’ Barrichello.  I think the journalist that commented to Barrichello about the ‘strength’ of the Brawn car epitomised the craziness of the Brazilian’s driving which at time appeared to be more like demolition derby than F1.

It started with that bizarre and unexplained quasi-stall and then it looked as though Barrichello tried to take out most of the field in the first corner, although this incident which saw Heikki retire and Mark Webber moan, bitch and whine about his dismal performance was attributed after the race to Heikki himself, but by the evening BBC highlights there was again more debate about who caused this, either way the Brawn driver didn’t help.  Then later on he tried to take out Raikkonen and finally parked in the wrong place in the Parc Ferme, although it seemed to be the day for unauthorised parking with Fishicella driving over his spare wheel in the pits, perhaps the off season has seen them slipping into the mother and baby spaces in the supermarket and they have simply lost the concept.  But Rubens deserved his second place and I shared his tears at the press conference and am glad he’d put his retirement plans on hold.


Seems everyone loves the FIA
Seems everyone loves the FIA

Number two is actually the FIA, which I’ll be honest I didn’t think I would ever see in the Badgerometer’s top 5 but, having said that I don’t buy into the whole Ferrari International Assistance train of thought either.  Underneath it we have to believe the FIA do things for the good of the sport and I think they really came through in allowing Williams, Toyota and Brawn’s interpretation of the rules which led to their new diffusers after complaints from other (slower) teams led to an investigation.

It seems that other teams who didn’t think outside the box had a problem with innovation increasing speed, but in a true display of F1 spirit the diffusers remain.  After today’s news I’m a little disappointed that they can change the result so long after the race, but one has to hope they’ll learn from this and sort it out quicker next time…watch it!


Number three is Brawn-Mercedes, surely everyone’s new favourite team?  With the one two on the podium, the painfully cool helmets that match the cars, their minimalist paint jobs (perhaps more to do with lack of sponsorship until the 11th hour than style, but hey) and the impressive speed of the cars they really have stepped up to the mark and I can’t wait to watch them in action again on Sunday.


Cheeky - Eddie Jordan
Cheeky - Eddie Jordan

Fourth is the BBC, we saw the WHOLE race, all of it and didn’t miss a thing to watch adverts about Audis.  Eddie Jordan was a vision in shiny blue and I think his shirts might be something to keep an eye on this season, last Sunday is about an 8 out of 10 on the gaudy scale, but the Badger has a feeling things are going to get worse, much worse.

Also it was pointed out by another on race day that there may be a certain level of animosity between Jordan and the Chin (Mr Coulthard) and so is born another tempestuous F1 relationship.


Nico's OTT website

Wedged in at fifth place altogether and nice and cosy is Rosberg (fastest lap and great personal website), Buemi (incredible debut), Trulli and chicken loving Alonso for all driving like super-troopers.

With an amazing set of drivers like these guys and the new improved cars this season is going to be unpredictable and very very exciting.


And this week I am miffed with myself for some appallingly dreadful fantasy formula one choices which see me slumped at mid table and nowhere near obtaining a much coveted F1 badger trophy, but fortunately Sunday is another race and another chance to score points, but it leaves a conundrum to change or not to change my teams and drivers.