This week Badger had the chance to visit BBC Television Centre again, not for a TV show mind – instead we were treated to the opportunity to sit down and have a good old natter with the new commentary (dream)team of Brundle and Coulthard, the most popular anchor in all the land, Mr Jake Humphrey along with the pit lane duo of Lee McKenzie and (super)Ted Kravitz.

And what a great natter we had – they are such a great bunch of folk that blatantly know a lot about their subject as well as enjoying their work immensely too – one of the main reasons this team work so well together to bring the coverage to our screens across the UK.

We spoke to each of them about the upcoming season, plans for the coverage this year and more such chat as well as asking them each the same ‘Quick Five Questions’, compiled from our favourite reader suggestions:

  • Your best F1 season ever?
  • What’s the downside to being…?
  • If we were to give you £50 now, who would you back for the title?
  • If you were an F1 team boss, what would be your ideal driver pairing?
  • What’s your favourite breakfast?

The answers to these questions, as well as the rest of the banter we enjoyed will be coming up on Badger over the next few days or so, keep an eye out and in the mean time, why not try guessing who said what to our five quick questions!?

Thanks to the BBC for this opportunity, it was great to meet everyone and we have some cracking content running on the presses right now…