For Badger’s Big Brazilian GP Bash, as well as showing the race itself, we also put on a great big quiz for everyone with prizes provided by Henri Lloyd and of course, Virgin Racing.  We’ll have everyone’s results up on Badger soon, but for now, we thought it would be nice to share the quiz with those who couldn’t make the event on Sunday – just for fun, and feel free to discuss your answers in the comments….

Round One – Name the Driver

Simply, let us know the name of each of these grand prix drivers from past and present:

Round Two – General Knowledge

Five questions, all multiple choice with each have one correct answer and four incorrect:

1. Who was in the middle of Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen (being lapped) during their famous overtake in Spa 2000?

  • a – Alex Wurz
  • b – Ricardo Zonta
  • c – Takuma Sato
  • d – Mark Webber
  • e – Sebastien Buemi

2. Who stood in for Michael Schumacher when he broke his leg in 1999?

  • a – Eddie Irvine
  • b – Rubens Barrichello
  • c – Mika Salo
  • d – Mika Hakkinen
  • e – Luca Badoer

3. With which team did Ayrton Senna get his first F1 drive with?

  • a – Lotus
  • b – Wolf
  • c – Toleman
  • d – Ferrari
  • e – McLaren

4. Who famously said “Felipe Baby, stay cool”

  • a – Rob Smedley
  • b – Rocky
  • c – Stefan Domenicalo
  • d – Luca Di Montezemelo
  • e – Michael Schumacher

5. Which team got the most fastest laps in 2009?

  • a – Brawn GP
  • b – Red Bull
  • c – Ferrari
  • d – McLaren
  • e – Toyota

Round Three – Who, When and Where?

Here we have five video clips – complete with a great soundtrack – for each clip we ask, who is in it, when was it and where was it?

Round Four – General Knowledge

Here are five questions, but this time they are not multiple choice, so you have to know the answer!

1. Name 3 of Jenson Button’s team mates

2. Where and when was the first F1 World Championship Grand Prix?

3. What was the number on Damon Hill’s car in 1993?

4. What is Sebastien Buemi’s nationality?

5. Name 3 Sebastiens who have driven for Toro Rosso

Round Five – Name the track

And finally, another picture round, this time showing past and present grand prix tracks – it’s your challenge to name them (or at least the country where they hosted a grand prix)

And that’s your lot – answers are available here: Quiz Answers