For each of our Grand Prix Bash events, we present our very own Grand Prix Pub Quiz where our guests battle it out for a place on the podium and some special prizes.

You can now have a go yourself with our quiz from the 2014 Brazilian GP Bash – just for fun though – post your answers in the comments!

Round 1 – Brazil and Formula 1

Round 2 – Name the driver!

(images via where you can buy great photo prints)

Round 3 – Who When Where

3 points for each clip, name the driver, year and country.

Round 4 – General Grand Prix Knowledge

Round 5 – Say What You See

Mixture of questions, but generally, say what you see!

1 – Name the driver, 2 – missing word?, 3- who wore this, 4- team?, 5 – team?, 6 – Track?, 7 – Missing word, 8- which driver, 9- what year, 10-  name the F1 personality.

And finally, a ridiculous tie-breaker question: