Thursday saw the doors open to this year’s Autosport International, Europe’s largest motorsport convention, and with the event open to the public over the course of the weekend, Badger is at hand hand to help guide you through what’s hot at this year’s event with our alternative map.

It’s an alternative map for two reasons – one, the programme you have to buy is an extra cost on top of your ticket (worth it though, some great features) and two, the official map can be confusing and the last thing you’ll be wanting to do is work out where you are and where to go in a crowd of hundred of people.  Our refreshing simple maps points out some useful info and, more importantly highlights the bits you can’t miss if visiting the show this weekend.

Click the image below to enlarge (or download a PDF here) – the highlights include the F1 Racing grid, Senna Tribute, Autosport stage, Supercar display, the F1-spec simulator, classic F1 display, rally cars and the Pirelli stand.  Take a look at the location of each of these on our map and plot your trip to the show.  We’d recommend that you head to the Ayrton Senna tribute display as your first port of call – it’s in an enclosed space and will no doubt be very busy – beat the crowds and head straight-there if you’re early to get a good view of the machinery.

Autosport International Map

Other tips:

  • Save money and take a packed lunch – it will most likely be tastier too
  • If you fancy a coffee, head to one of the specialist coffee stands rather than the NEC food areas
  • Plan to either have an early or late lunch to stand a better chance of getting a seat
  • Use the Hall 9 entrance to the Live Action Arena (it’s quieter = less of a queue)
  • If you want to see someone in particular at the Autosport stage, get there 20mins or more before the scheduled time
  • Definitely check out the Cruden simulator stand – if you can (i.e. not too busy) put your name down for a go on the F1-spec simulator)
  • Look out for free stuff at the Pirelli stand (they have a sim too, but it’s a fiver a go)
  • Don’t wear too much – the NEC is very hot and you can get away with walking about in a shirt and jeans