Earlier this week, Badger’s writers had their final pre-season staff meeting where they discussed the year ahead, plans for additional features and new regular columns, alongside thoughts ahead of the first race of the season.

There was plenty of frank, serious discussion alongside the usual Badger banter, but we also came up with this list – our run down of the 2011 field of cars, purely from their appearance and performance in testing, although mainly from appearance…  See what you think and add you comments below:

  • Lotus – viking/thor air intake above drivers head.  Great development of 2010 livery
  • Toro Rosso – nice ‘ground effect’ effort with split floor.  Red Bull clone, it’s Ralf to Michael in comparison though
  • Mercedes – duck-bill platypus, but strangely easy on the eye
  • Williams – tight rear end, amazing.  So much rear grip means it may understeer.  Great retro effort on the livery.
  • McLaren – extreme sidepod design, superb livery (again) but seem to playing with different parts too much and car could be slow
  • Force India – like a child’ drawing of an F1 car – too simple, looks like a shoe (seriously, like a pair of hi-tec trainers)
  • Renault – fancy exhausts that scorch the earth.  Great livery that will look awesome come Singapore’s night race
  • Red Bull – evolution not revolution. ‘flexible’ but stuck to the ground (good thing)
  • Sauber – resembles a cheap trainer, but with bumper stickers all over it.  No sombreros.
  • Hispania – new paint job – same car, but had a good polish – will it have another before the end of the season, will it see the season through?
  • Ferrari – Nice, tri-blade front wing, following the example set by Gillette and it’s range of razors.
  • Virgin – still the nicest livery, up to Glock to make the 2011 car keep up with the others.

So there we have it – what do you think of our list?

In other news, this year we have plenty more competitions coming up, a few more features over the next week or so and of course at least two BadgerGP events, but we’re keeping details of these low to the ground at the moment…  Meanwhile, if there’s anything you’d like to see on BadgerGP.com over the next few months, again let us know in the comments – we love feedback!