It may only be Wednesday, but Badger’s editor Adam Milleneuve is already at Silverstone, or rather the superb campsite at Litchlake Farm, only a (silver)stone’s throw from the circuit.  

It’s great to arrive early, grab a good spot and settle in for the weekend.  Unfortunately, after basking in glorious sunshine last year, 2011 is rather rainy, with occasional massively heavy showers that, come race day could be brilliant, but right now are just annoying.

Here’s the progress – arrived at 5pm:


And by 6pm the campsett is ready, complete with 8 man tent/house, gazebo, desk and badger (chequered flag) bunting.  This will be the ‘media centre’ for BadgerGP over the next few days…


Stay tuned to BadgerGPTwitterFacebook and our Notepad for more updates over the course of the weekend…