This week we caught up with the BBC’s array of F1 talent, both old and new, to learn more about their plans for 2012. New faces for this year include former Jordan, Stewart and Jaguar designer Gary Anderson, as well as the new 5 Live co-commentator – former Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersauri.  We had a natter with each of them and asked them some quick-fire questions about the 2012 season, F1 in general, and other important things.

This time, it’s Gary Anderson…

What’s your favourite F1 season ever? I think ’91, being that it was my car involved. The years with Michael Schumacher’s dominance, they were good years, but that was my year, with my car, first time, small team, with lots of pressure and lots of emotion. So I’ll go with ’91.

What’s the downside to being Gary Anderson? There are no downsides! Personally I’m quite proud of what I achieved [as a designer]. Of course, you can say “why didn’t you win more races or more world championships?”, but that’s life, that’s just the way it is.

Who are you backing for the 2012 Championship? Jenson Button.

If you were a manager, what drivers would you have? I’d have young drivers. I think that’s all I’m really going to say. I don’t like taking on the older driver that’s been successful from another team, because they come to you trying to make your car into something that they had. One of the best years that I had was in 1997, in the Jordan with Ralf [Schumacher] and [Giancarlo] Fisichella. Yes, they made mistakes, and needed batting around the side of the head sometimes, but you knew that they were driving the wheels off of the car.

What’s your favourite breakfast? Cereals. Of some sort.

Favourite cheese? Cheddar.

Tea or coffee? Coffee.

What’s your ideal, non-F1, Sunday? Watching Moto GP! (laughs) No, I go out in my narrowboat on the canals. I don’t do it every Sunday, but whenever I get the chance. But if there’s Moto GP on I might watch that instead!