This week we caught up with the BBC’s array of F1 talent, both old and new, to learn more about their plans for 2012. New faces for this year include former Jordan, Stewart and Jaguar designer Gary Anderson, as well as the new 5 Live co-commentator – former Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersauri.  We had a natter with each of them and asked them some quick-fire questions about the 2012 season, F1 in general, and other important things.

This time, it’s Jaime…

What’s your favourite F1 season ever? The best season was when I was racing! (laughs) I have to say the battle between Alain Prost and Aryton Senna in the late eighties.

What’s the downside to being Jaime Alguersuari? I think in life there are upsides and downsides. The compensation of both of them are what make happiness in life. At the moment I can say I’m very happy!

Who are you backing for the 2012 Championship? For me, I think the McLaren team. They have the potential to win. You can never know what will happen in Formula One; every year the Formula is coming in with a new system and I think McLaren have the right things to develop their own car. They’ve illustrated that with the F-Duct and the blown diffuser, with something new probably this year as well. The team to beat will be Red Bull, but definitely McLaren also.

If you were a manager, what drivers would you have? I would pick Alonso and Hamilton.

What’s your favourite breakfast? Fresh fruit. Oranges, and maybe a Spanish omelette.

Favourite cheese? The dried cheese from Spain (pauses to think) Manchego!

Tea or coffee? Tea.

What’s your ideal, non-F1, Sunday? I would be in Ibiza doing some sunbathing and eating some Paella. That would be my ideal Sunday.