This week we caught up with the BBC’s array of F1 talent, both old and new, to learn more about their plans for 2012. New faces for this year include former Jordan, Stewart and Jaguar designer Gary Anderson, as well as the new 5 Live co-commentator – former Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersauri.  We had a natter with each of them and asked them some quick-fire questions about the 2012 season, F1 in general, and other important things.

This time, it’s Lee McKenzie…

What’s your favourite F1 season ever? Every year I say the one that’s just finished, so I’d better come up with something exciting! I was there when Lewis won the championship and it’s difficult because you take that race apart from the whole season, and that’s a difficult one. That was definitely the best race ever. That said, I think the 2010 season was the best ever because it was such a rollercoaster of emotions. For example, to be sat with the families of the drivers in Abu Dhabi and speaking to Mark Webber’s father afterwards; to be so close to that situation when it’s people you spend time with and they’re competing, ultimately, to get their name in history, is one that stands out for me.

What’s the downside to being Lee McKenzie? It would be to wrong to say that there’s a downside because people spend an awful lot of money to go to one race, sometimes pushing it to go to a couple of races. I get paid to go to every single race and I don’t think we should ever lose sight of that. Last year I moaned a bit for going to Venezuela for a couple of days between Italy and Singapore, which is just madness. But, in actual fact, I had an excellent time in all three.

Who are you backing for the 2012 Championship? If I were to put my neck on the line I’d say Sebastian. It would take a very brave person to bet against him – and I know it’s probably a really dull answer! I don’t think he’s lost any of his sparkle and neither’s Adrian [Newey]. McLaren will be closer, but I’m not sure they’ll be close enough. Both McLaren’s drivers are strong, but they’ll be fighting and taking points off each other.

If you were a manager, what drivers would you have? I would have Sebastian – there’s no reason not to and, probably, Alonso. Although that would never work.

What’s your favourite breakfast? This came up last year and I’m pretty sure Ted Kravitz lied to you! He said something about a Japanese soup. I would have yoghurt and granola.

Favourite cheese? An Ayrshire cheese, as I’m from Ayrshire.

Tea or coffee? Coffee.

What’s your ideal, non-F1, Sunday? Horseriding, and not falling off!

Check back soon for more interviews with the folks behind the BBC coverage