Love or hate the Sky coverage and the arrangement with F1 coverage in the UK, every F1 fan wants the Sky coverage, being able to watch every race live on a Sunday seems like a basic human right doesn’t it?  That’s what we’ve concluded from comments on Twitter about it anyway.

The good news is that if you’ve held off this long for Sky, but are considering it again ahead of the 2013 season, there’s a rather attractive deal, where you can get Sky TV for just £10.75 per month, for a whole year.  To get the F1 coverage you’ll need either the HD pack or the Sky Sports pack too.  The Sky Sports pack is currently half price at £10.50 per month and the HD pack is just £5 per month for 6 months and then £10 per month.

Simply click the Sky logo below to get the deal!

To work it out – Sky TV pack for 12 months (@£10.75 per month) plus the HD pack (6x £5 per month + 6 £10 per month) means a grand total of just £219 for 12 months of Sky TV, with all it’s benefits and the Sky Sports F1 channel in HD.  To make that figure more palatable – it’s the equivalent of £18.25 per month or £10.95 per race (if there’s 20). They even offer a £25 Marks and Spencer voucher too… bonus!

That’s not too bad at all is it.

Note that this article isn’t just an advertisement, we’re just pleased to see a sensible deal to have every F1 Grand Prix live in HD.  We only got Sky in the Sett when they got the F1 rights and it’s a very good service anyway – the F1 coverage is a bonus.

Still not convinced?  Don’t worry, you can watch the all-important first race of the season live on a cinema screen at our ‘Australian Grand Prix Breakfast’ event – details here.