Keke Rosberg with the mug

2012 Formula 1 launches – here’s the one you’ve been waiting for, the latest Badger GP Winners Trophy Mug.  Named the BDGR04, this mug is a revolutionary design.

Chief mug designer, Ant Hotwheels managed to get around the prospect of a ‘stepped-nose’ to produce this beautiful model, crafted from heat-resistant materials that’s as well suited to tea, coffee and hot Ribena as it is hot chocolate and lemsip.

Ted Kravitz has given it the thumbs up “a choice mug” and will be battling against everyone else in Fantasy Grand Prix to get his hands on one.

Now you can enjoy the moment mug was unveiled in Barcelona:

More images of the 2012 Badger GP Mug:

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Mug produced by JPP Milton Keynes