With testing underway in Jerez, Formula 1 for 2013 is all go and here in the Sett (Badger’s HQ) we’re excited to announce the return of our fantasy F1 game for 2013 – Fantasy GP!

It is now open for registration – you can login/register and create your team!


New to Badger’s Fantasy GP?


In brief:

  • Makes watching F1 even more fun
  • Free to play with prizes to be won
  • Quick and easy to play (tricky to win!)
  • Play against thousands of fans across the planet
  • Play in a mini league with friends
  • Play via your Mac/PC or any smart mobile device

For those of you who are new to the game, the premise is simple – create your Fantasy GP team of cars and drivers, give it a name and bingo, you’re the manager of your own F1 team.  For each race of the season, you’ll score points, according to how well your cars and drivers perform.

Your cars and drivers score points just like the real points system (25 for a win, 18 for 2nd etc) and to add an extra twist, your drivers also score bonus points for improving on their starting position, with 3 points per progression.  For example, if you have Charles Pic (he’s cheap!) he may start 20th, but finish 14th due to others retiring – no race points, but he’ll give you 18 bonus points (6 positions gained, 3 points for each).   Cars don’t get the bonus points, only the drivers.

To make watching F1 even more fun, you can also predict the results of the race weekend too.  You can predict the podium, pole position, fastest lap and the number of safety cars – if your predictions are correct you’ll receive 25 points for each and there is a combo-bonus where if you get the whole podium or all the predictions correct you’ll score an additional bonus.

For the first two races of the season (Australia and Malaysia), you can make as many team changes as you like – to give you chance to get used to the game and work out your strategy.  From China onwards you have a maximum of 3 free team changes for the season, if you make any more you’ll incur a 25 point penalty for each additional change – but it could pay off if you make the right call!

With predictions for the race, you can change them as often as you like, right up until the green light for the start of qualifying, when the game will be locked down until the chequered flag on Sunday.

Results are calculated and updated on the game within 30 minutes of the results being confirmed (pending any steward inquiries etc).

Note that when creating your team, you have a maximum budget of £75 million to spend on your 3 drivers and 3 cars, use this wisely – it’s all costed so you cannot simply have all the top drivers and cars, you need to invest in the midfield and the back of the pack too, there are some bargains and some pretty tasty lineups possible with this budget…

Good luck and be sure to read the FAQ and rules here, you can sign in / register via the login box in the sidebar, or via the Fantasy GP icon at the top left of the page – you can register with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account too, to save you having yet another password!

Friends Leagues!

Fantasy F1 Grand PrixWe have thousands of Fantasy teams in the championship and while it’s fun to compete with a global community of F1 fans, you can also create your mini Championship where you can compete against friends, family an colleagues, it only takes a couple of clicks to create your Friends League, and we’ll give you a passcode to share with friends so they can join it too.

Badger GP has it’s own Badger Staff Championship, which is hotly contested each season and the winner receives a bottle of champers

Played before?

If you’re returning to Fantasy GP for another shot at the championship, there have been a few changes to the game for 2013.  Firstly, it’s been redeveloped to make it even easier to play than ever before and it works on your mobile devices too.  And in terms of the game itself:

  • Points from Australia and Malaysia count towards the whole season (but still have free, as many as you like changes)
  • You can now predict the number of safety car periods (25pts if you get it right!)
  • If you get the podium 1,2,3 correct you get a 50pts bonus on top of 25 for each of them
  • If you get the podium, pole, fastest lap and safety cars correct you get a 75pts bonus on top of 25 for each of them
  • Team changes (beyond the 3 free changes) now cost 25 points (i.e. equal to getting one prediction correct)
  • You can now login quickly without passwords/registering using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

We hope you like the improvements and welcome back to Fantasy GP for 2013!


The main point of Fantasy GP is to be fun and make watching Formula 1 even more fun, but we also provide some prizes too with each Fantasy Grand Prix winner receiving the prestigious Badger GP Trophy Mug.  The 2013 Trophy Mug will be unveiled later this month, you can see last years one here

The 2013 Fantasy GP Champion will receive a special one-off Badger GP Trophy Mug and also an Amazon Gift Voucher to the value of £50, with the 2nd and 3rd place Championship places each receiving an Amazon Voucher to the value £25 (but no special mug!)

Then and Now.  Here's Keke Rosberg with the 2012 Badger GP Trophy Mug
Then and Now. Here’s Keke Rosberg with the 2012 Badger GP Trophy Mug