Welcome to another edition of all things debatable – otherwise known as the Scrutineering Bay. This week, we asked the fans a question which has cropped up as the season has worn on;

“Would Lewis be beating Seb if both were at Red Bull?”

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As usual we had a myriad of responses from one end of the spectrum to the other. First one out of the mailbag this week is from...Lewis Smith!

That’s a tough one to answer but I would have to say yes, he would. I’m a Lewis Hamilton fan myself but I would like to think that I am not biased towards him. For example some of the “scrapes” he has had this season has been his fault, but others I think have just been racing incidents and been taken out of proportion (the incident with Massa comes to mind). Although because he has had so many, it snowballs so unless he has a perfect, incident free season from now on he will be criticised for his driving style.

Getting back to the question at hand, I think both drivers are the best two drivers on the grid currently. Both have phenomenal talent and both are world champions. There is nobody better than Sebastian Vettel when he has some clear air. He will put the lap times in and he will win if he is ahead going into the 1st/2nd corner. I do however think that Lewis is the better driver, simply because he can win by coming from behind. So far this season we have rarely seen Sebastian off the front row of the grid therefore he hasn’t had to fight for his position. Where as Lewis on the other hand, is a great fighter and he has more than enough ability to be able to challenge for a win. That much is clear from the wins he has had this season.

As for Sebastian, I don’t believe he is as good as a fighter as Lewis is. Take Monza for example. People were raving about how amazing Vettel’s overtake was on Alonso, but in my opinion, it wasn’t amazing. Brave, yes, but amazing? No. Yes he was half on, half off the grass running side by side with Alonso and he managed to keep his foot in. But the fact is he managed to overtake a slower car in a part of the track that the RB6 is strongest. Not to mention that Sebastian’s car was set up to be quicker in the corners. If you look at the passes that he has had to do over the course of the season, 9 times out of 10 he has always had the advantage, being fresher tyres or outpacing a slower running car.

To sum it up. Would Lewis beat Sebastian? Yes. Would he finish every race higher than Sebastian? No. Would he beat him over the course of the season in qualifying? No. Who would finish the season with the most points? Lewis.

All cracking points from Lewis there, who’s on Twitter @LewisSmithF1. We think he’s a little too old to have been named after the British driver though!

Speaking of Twitter, we put the question out to our followers and here’s some of the responses;

@herr_brightside Lewis of course!

@sunkissedsmile lewis 😀

@PapaGB I think button would win, Ham would take Vet out of the equation

@cargoeszoom Seb any day of the week! Including Sunday! 🙂

Plenty of dividing opinions there then!

The second, and final, entry this week comes from…duskyBlogger!

The short answer is UNEQUIVOCALLY YES.

The long answer is most teams adopt a ‘split strategy’ i.e. sign two drivers with different driving styles, run different strategies with tyre choices etc to cover most eventualities and maximise their ‘success rate’.

If Hamilton was at RBR in a car designed by Newey, he would have THE best car on the grid. Compared to Vettel, I’d say he is marginally more aggressive in seizing opportunities to overtake but he’d be doing very little of that since he’d be qualifying on pole. Both drivers are skilled in wet conditions but Hamilton has a slight edge on Vettel, as the following video demonstrates…

So their relative performance would come down to their Race Starts and Tyre Management. Tyre Management is considered by most as Hamilton’s weakness but his race starts are fairly good.

So with all this considered, I’d say Lewis would be beating Sebastian but the gap wouldn’t be as big as the chasm between Vettel and Webber at the moment! – also available on Twitter @duskyBlogF1

Some more great points there too, illustrated all the better by using a video – nice work!

So that’s it from the fans who submitted their thoughts – don’t forget that you can just as easily share yours below!