Following yesterdays ownership change at Campos Meta another of the new teams today went public with it’s pre-season problems. USF1- the American-based team granted entry to F1 for 2010- simply isn’t ready to race, and they want the FIA to help them out.

With the new season just three weeks away many F1 fans are understandably wishing time would start moving a whole lot faster. Not USF1 though, who due to financial problems don’t have a completed car. They’ve admitted that they wont be able to make the first race in Bahrain, and have asked FIA president Jean Todt if they can put off joining the fun until the Spanish Grand Prix in May.

Team boss Ken Anderson has said he’s working with Todt to make this possible, but with the FIA recently stating that teams would be fined if they missed any events things don’t look too rosy. What with USF1’s problems being financial, having to take a hefty fine for each of the races they were missing would hardly solve their problems.

Anderson, Lopez and Peter Windsor in happier times.

It’s not clear what this means for the driver they have signed for 2010, Argentina’s Jose Maria Lopez, who is reportedly in Europe trying to engineer a deal with the new owners of Campos. Anderson seems to be admitting as much, saying of Lopez: ‘I’m sure he’s weighing his options as well‘.

Anderson has suggested his preferred solution to the problems, saying: “in an ideal world, we can miss the first four races and show up in Barcelona.” Unfortunately for Ken this isn’t an ideal world- it’s Formula One.