Billy Monger’s Road to Recovery

Enjoy this video telling the story of Billy Monger’s incredible road to recovery after a devastating accident that could have ended his career far too early. Inspiring stuff.

Billy Monger on Lewis Hamilton: “He’s made a big impact on me. When I was 8 years old, watching Lewis win World Championships, I wanted to be like him… I wanted to be an F1 World Champion. When I went to the British Grand Prix with him, he was everything I’d hoped he’d be. He was really supportive, he gave me as much as time as he could… He just encouraged me to keep going with my dreams.

Billy on the future: “The dream’s always been the same… the ultimate goal’s to become an F1 World Champion. Whether that’s possible now or not, I won’t know unless I try, so I’m gonna give it my best shot. If I make a difference to one person’s life who’s in a similar position to me, for them to go out and try a sport that they loved doing before but don’t think they can do now… If I just make that difference to one person, then everything I’m doing here is worthwhile.”