With the first official F1 test due to start in less that 24hrs, the new cars are appearing thick and fast.  Renault’s 2010 car is due to break cover later, but for now here’s the new Sauber F1 car.  It’s rather confusing – BMW have pulled out of F1, but the team remains as “BMW Sauber F1 Team” – but with completely new drivers with the line up of veteran Pedro De La Rosa and Kamui Kobayashi.  The latter impressed during his F1 debut with Toyota at the end of 2009, which no doubt helped him earn a full season race seat alongide McLaren’s ex-test driver De La Rosa.  It could be a cracker of a line up – De La Rosa is a seasoned car developer and Kamui can drive the wheels of anything and fight with the best of the pack, going by his performances in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

Anyhow, here’s the new car in pictures:

The lack of sponsorship is worrying, but can’t be for too much longer.  Over the years, the team’s main sponsors have been Petronas (now with Mercedes GP), Red Bull (now with their own team) and Intel who also seem to have gone elsewhere along with the BMW logos.   It’s not all doom and gloom though, they have announce a deal with an Japanese cosmetic company and their product ‘Scalp-D’ a shampoo that helps your scalp.  How rock n roll….

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