Brackley, Tuesday: A rare look behind the scenes at championship-leading Brawn GP’s Brackley base reveals that the team is having to spend much of its budget for both 2009 and 2010 on developing a bigger bandwagon for all their newfound fans.

Inadequate: Brawn GPs current bandwagons
Inadequate: Brawn GP's current bandwagons

Chief Scapegoat Nick Fry, who oversaw the final few disastrous years of Honda’s tenure in F1 before inexplicably being retained at the new team, explained that the unprecedented numbers of fans who had suddenly stapled their colours to the Brawn GP mast had necessitated the development work.

“We didn’t think so many people would become Brawn fans so quickly,” Fry admitted. “I mean, they all say that they were Honda fans all along, and we’ve no reason at all to doubt that – honest – but when you see just how many people are supporting us now that we’re winning, it’s clear that our present bandwagon capacity is nowhere near sufficient.”

The designs are reported to have already gone over budget, largely because of the ever-increasing space requirements for the vehicle but also because Honda have never had to pay much attention to such matters before, given that they had no success as such and therefore no influx of glory-hunting fans.

One fan expressed his pleasure at the announcement: “Me, I’ve been a Brawn GP fan since 1992,” he said, somewhat impossibly. “It’s great to finally see so many people sharing my passion for Jenson and that other bloke. You know, the old one.” He also insisted that no one accuse him of following only the successful teams, despite the discovery that his Brawn GP cap had originally featured a familiar prancing horse design that had been scribbled out with crayon. “Or I’ll smash yer face in,” he added.

We were not able to access the designs for the new bandwagon, but it apparently features very low sides in order to enable fans to leap off again with ease in 2010.