Yes there’s a shedload of F1 cartoon creations on the web, including the Toro Rosso Toons, Lotus F1 team cartoons and the popular McLaren Tooned series, but this week we found a new favourite of ours – by the brilliant cartoonist and graphic designer, Chris Rathbone.

Here’s an example of his work and you can see some more below, before that though we asked Chris a few questions to learn more about the chap behind these brilliant cartoons.


How did you get into cartoon/graphic design work

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and love comic books – I’m abit of a geek really! I studied graphic design at uni and work full time as a graphic designer for a design agency. I’m always drawing and it’s amazing to see fellow F1 fans liking and appreciating my cartoons.

Which piece are most proud of?

With regards to my F1 cartoons, my favourite one to date has to be one of the cartoons featuring Kimi – probably the one of him on the snow mobile in pre season. Having a personality like Kimi around means I can have abit more fun with the cartoons as he often provides comical moments.

Kimi - Dont_Hurt_Yourself

What’s on the cards in the future?

I enjoy doing the weekly cartoons (for and people really seem to love them.  I’m thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to reach so many fellow f1 fans. I plan to keep doing my weekly toons and hope that one day an F1 team hire me to work for them, or  Autosport or F1 Magazine offer me a full time job!

If you weren’t a cartoonist, what would you be? / What do you want to be when you grow up? (!)

I always wanted to be a racing driver and I used to race alot when I was younger. So I would have to say a racing driver…or maybe a basketball player as basketball is my other love besides F1.

What’s your fav cheese?

Wow! Wasn’t expecting that! Erm, I haven’t really tried many types of cheese, so I’d probably just have to say Mozzarella?

Who’s your fav driver?

On the current grid it would have to be Alonso – he’s the best all round driver in my opinion. Got to shout out JB too for a bit of English support too.

Who do want to be 2013 Champ, who do think will be 2013 champ?

I’m hoping for Alonso but have a feeling it’ll be that German fellow again.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just a massive thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this, and also a huge thank you to Todd at F1blog for giving me the opportunity to share my work with the F1 fans. I also want to thank Laura at F1blog as she is the one that put me in touch with Todd and I wouldn’t be doing my cartoons if it wasn’t for her! F1 fans should join her her #F1chat which she hosts on a Monday night!

For more, head over to the Chris Rathbone website and peruse his gallery of 2013 drivers and cars where you order prints of his work too, which are very popular going by the feedback on his @R4thbone Twitter timeline.

Be sure to keep up with Chris’ weekly cartoons – The Parc Ferme series on