Any long standing Badger GP reader will know we’re good friends with the chaps at IntentsGP – the F1 camping crew that run than excellent service where you can just rock up to an F1 Grand Prix weekend, be greeted with a beer and a massive tent, already pitched for you, complete with beds, bedding, chairs, BBQ and more – yours for the weekend.

It really is a great way to do an F1 weekend – we’ve used them loads of times at both Spa and Silverstone, including after our epic 400 mile ride2spa cycling event last year.   As well as having your tent setup with all the home comforts you need when camping, they also run a central marquee when you can rest, eat, meet other fans and even watch TV!

We can’t recommend the service enough, IntentsGP do an awesome job and make being at a GP for the whole weekend loads of fun, convenient and well, unless you’re lucky enough to be flown in and out and put up in corporate hospitality, there’s no better way to stay at a race.

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Got to Spa or Silverstone for FREE!

Ok, so we’ve told you about how great IntentsGP are, but even better than that – for 2013 they are looking for F1 fans to work for them at Spa and Silverstone.  What’s more, if you manage to get the job, you get to go to the Grand Prix for free!

Yes, you read that correctly – two of the best races in the calendar and you could potentially be at one or both of them for free.   Click the logo below to learn more and apply.  It’s hard work, but they’ll feed you, give you accommodation and enough cash to buy yourself a race ticket.  Result!