Brackley, Tuesday: Formula One world championship leader Jenson Button has angrily dismissed semi-humorous reports that he has been involved in an accident, declaring them “stupid and unnecessary.”

Angry: F1 race winner Jenson Button
Angry: F1 race winner Jenson Button

The phenomenon, which circulates primarily around Internet forums and tongue-in-cheek F1 blogs, sees articles published under the headline “BUTTON INVOLVED IN MASSIVE F1 ACCIDENT.” On opening the report, the only item is an image of a computer keyboard, with its F1 key removed from the board and placed at an unusual angle.

The phenomenon has been traced to 1954, when a locally-known wit in Barrowford spotted the similarity between the motor racing category “Formula One” and one of the keys on his typewriter. The gentleman, whose name is unknown, removed the F1 key from his machine, threw it on the floor and photographed it, sending the resulting image by carrier pigeon to associates throughout Lancashire.

Since Button’s F1 debut in 2000, the joke has taken on an increased apparent relevance to the modern sport, and with the growth in popularity of the Internet, repeated iterations of the story have been widely distributed.

“They’re all just very stupid, and unnecessary,” Button told journalists today. “Sure, maybe it was good the first time, but over and over again, it just gets a bit boring.

“Yes, my name is Jenson Button. And yes, there is an F1 key on your computer that you could remove if you wanted to. But the lack of originality is staggering.”

Button also hit out at reports over the weekend that, following the Brawn GP team’s success in the Australian Grand Prix in the wake of Honda’s pull-out from the sport, the team had been “Brawn Again.” “That’s just inaccurate and misleading,” the Somerset-born racer said.

He did, however, express a slight soft spot for the puns relating to the involvement of the Virgin Group in his team.

“Then again, there is no need to repeat these ideas,” Jenson said. “There’s plenty to laugh about in Formula One.”

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