Jenson Button made his television presenting debut (well, as far as we at the Sett are aware) on Channel Five’s new “OK! TV” programme last night (February 14th).

If you want to see Jenson in action, click on the link below and have a look.

Credit: McLaren Jenson Button looks more comfortable in a racing suit...

For those who can’t get access to it, it involves Jenson wandering around trying to find out about Valentine’s Day and how men treat it.

Described by the Guardian as “doing a fairly convincing impression of a man awaiting the sweet release of death”, let’s just say that Jenson didn’t exactly seem engaged with the topic.

He seemed to be wandering around one of the big department stores on Oxford Street accosting various passers by and grilling them as to their Valentine’s plans.

Now, while we at Badger think it would be a pleasure to be asked anything by Jenson, we do think he could have done a bit better with the voiceover. It varies between monotony and, at one point, a slightly manic laugh. Odd.

As ever, some of the members of the public say very odd things – one thing we would have liked to have seen is Button’s reaction shot when the young man with the hat says he took his girlfriend for “breakfast in the park”. A bit nippy, we’d have thought.

Jenson also managed to give us an insight into the way he gets girls by suggesting that those who didn’t have dates should ask a “random in the street”. It probably works better for you than some others, Jenson. I think you know why.