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Well that was a right (prawn) cracker of a grand prix and a well deserved 1-2 finish for McLaren as Jenson Button orders a victory for his Chinese take-away and springs a Shanghai surprise on the championship standings.  It was an utterly unpredictable race with rain falling here and there and we saw some pretty amazing moves on track as well as strategic calls.

To recount such a race, we’d have recall each lap, so instead here are the talking points following today’s action-packed grand prix.

Fernando Alonso jumped the start and was later penalised – the Spaniard came an impressive 4th, despite making 5 pit stops.  Talking of pit stops, there was an incident involving Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton where Lewis overtook Seb on the way into the pit lane and then, as the cars were released simultaneously, they went side by side down the pit lane.  Rather frustratingly, the stewards have decided to look at this event after the race… And they will also look at Alonso and Massa, because the Spaniard overtook Felipe on the way into the pits too.

The Renaults were superb today, both Bobby K and Vitaly Petrov had good races, with them finishing in 5th and 7th respectively.  Nico Rosberg also had a superb race, despite his car not being as quick as the McLarens, he put up a great fight and made Michael Schumacher look slow… again.

Speaking of Schumacher – today’s race was pretty difficult – people say we should respect our elders, but today it was as though the rest of the field was taking the mick out of the German legend as seemingly everyone, including Russian rookie Petrov overtook the most successful F1 driver ever, in only his 4th grand prix.

During the second safety car, Jenson backed up the field so much that the cars were 3, 4 or even 5 abreast into the final hairpin corner, which caused various incidents with cars running so close leaving Mark Webber off the road.  Alonso grabbed the opportunity on the restart and converted it to nearly being a Chinese podium.

In total, the Chinese Grand Prix featured a massive 69 pit stops, plenty of over-taking and a dash of controversy.   The final standings… for now (the pit lane incidents between Hamilton and Vettel and between Massa and Alonso are to be investigated)