Silverstone is the home of the British Grand Prix, and it’s also always a terrific event for any F1 fan to visit.  Badger is there every year, doing it the proper way – with a tent in a campsite just next to the circuit.

If you’ve never been to the British GP before, or have, but never gone for the camping option, we can only recommend it.  Litchlake Farm campsite is the one of choice, it’s only minutes walk from the track has all the necessary stuff such as showers and WCs, but most of all, camping at a GP really does just add to the whole F1 experience.

If you’ve been to a festival before, camping at a GP is very similar, just a bit more sedate and with fast cars for entertainment rather than U2.  Once again, in 2011 there will be the mobile Sett – Badger’s Media Centre setup with generators and other gadgets ensuring the site is kept updated from the field (literally, field).

If you’re reading this and thinking it’s a great idea, but cannot face the idea of pitching a tent and all the kerfuffle  that goes with it, you should get yourself over to In Tents GP – they provide a great service where you can just turn up and have your tents ready all ready for you to move in, complete with beds and other home comforts you wouldn’t expect!  It’s a genius idea – see their website for more info.

Win British / Belgian F1 Tickets!

What’s more, they’re currently running a competition where you could be lucky enough to win tickets to the Belgian or the British F1 grand prix! now that’s not bad! – Just head to the competition section of their site.

While you ponder the idea of whether to camp or not to camp, here’s that brilliant F1/Camping video to amuse you…  If you have any questions about camping at Silverstone, post them in the comments below!