Australia's favourite towels

Just in time for the Australian Grand Prix, F1 Badger is pleased to announce a new partnership with Canningvale – one of Australia’s premier brands in home textiles.

You may ponder what a textile company has to do with grand prix racing, fair enough, but looking outside of the box there are many similarities – just as F1 teams spend hours and plenty of cash researching and designing some of the most pure, technically advanced machines on the planet, Canningvale fulfil a very similar role in the textile industry and as a result the name and their products are synonymous with excellence.

Canningvale is a private company, the owners are car and F1 enthusiasts themselves and Badger believes that if home textiles had a world championship, Canningvale would be contending for victories at every grand prix, yep the products are seriously that good and for what it counts, very well loved at The Sett (Badger’s Head Office)

If they had to be a team, then they’d be the equivalent to Ferrari with them having a massive national following – they do make Australia’s favourite towels after all and what’s more, just as Enzo Ferrari created the gorgeous red cars from nothing into an illustrious family business, Canningvale founder and CEO Frank Prainito has done the same with towels and other home textiles since establishing the his company in 1977.

Canningvale’s new eStore is now open for business and open for our Australian* readers to take a look and treat themselves, to make it even sweeter, Canningvale is offering readers of F1 Badger 20% off all purchases, just fill in the form below and click ‘send’ to receive your coupon.

While you are waiting for your coupon, why not browse the beautiful Canningvale website and shiny new eStore now at

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click the logo to view their website

In theory the eStore is open to everyone worldwide, but due to shipping costs for now the store is predominantly for those down under in Australia and New Zealand.