Make Fantasy Grand Prix even more fun by challenging Will Buxton! The expert F1 journo has joined Badger GP and founded his own Fantasy GP Championship for you to compete in – the Official Will Buxton Fantasy GP Championship. Play against Will and his team, BRM (Buxton Racing Mayhem) now!willbuxton-fgp

Will is a well known journalist, currently working his magic over in the USA for NBC Sports as well as producing his own films around F1. His Twitter coverage is fantastic and, like Badger GP, Will isn’t afraid to have some fun with Formula 1. He recently made a video explaining the new qualifying rules, using sweets. Yes, sweets. Check it out here.

Challenge Will Buxton Now


If you’re already playing Fantasy Grand Prix, simply head over to the Will Buxton Championship and join.

If you’re not playing yet, head over to Fantasy Grand Prix now and create your team. Choose your 3 drivers and 3 cars, then you can join Will’s Championship.

What’s Fantasy Grand Prix?

get-the-appIt’s a fun, free to play game where you can manage your own team and score points relative to what happens in the actual Grands Prix. You can also predict the results for bonus points too. Be sure to read the full Players Guide and FAQ for more information.

You can also play via your iPhone or Android device with the Badger GP App. It’s around 79p and free from adverts.