Brackley, Friday: Jenson Button has been Formula One world champion for less than a week, but already colleagues at the Brawn GP team are complaining that he has become unbearable in his constant glee since last weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

Irritant: Tired of saying it, Button gets a sign to remind everyone hes world champion
Irritant: Tired of saying it, Button gets a sign to remind everyone he's world champion

The problems started after Button crossed the line to finish fifth at Interlagos, which was enough to hand him the world title. He immediately came over the team radio, proclaiming, “I’m the world champion baby!” and singing a rendition of “We Are The Champions” even worse than Fernando Alonso’s god-awful effort after the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix.

“On its own, that would have been fine,” a Brawn mechanic pointed out. “The boy’s just won the title, he’s bound to be happy. But Jenson just wouldn’t shut up.”

Reports are that Button has been reminding everyone within a two-mile radius that he is the world champion since he achieved the feat in Brazil. One passenger on Button’s flight from Sao Paulo back to the UK had to be physically restrained as he attempted to jump out of the plane mid-flight rather than listen to the driver’s constant crowing.

Online fans of Button’s exploits have not been immune to his inflated self-importance either. “I’M WORLD CHAMPION YAHOO” he tweeted on Monday night, obviously having got the wrong website.

F1 journalist Martin Brundle reported that “I had to take cover behind a nearby car. Jenson’s efforts to irritate and condescend those around him for the past week have surpassed any level of annoyance I have ever encountered before emanating from anyone. And I spent seven years standing next to James Allen.”

It is now believed that the only person in the world still unaware of Button’s world championship success is a Tibetan hermit, sitting in a Himalayan cave, who has been out of contact with the world for over thirty years and thus still believes that Niki Lauda is world champion.