We’re fans of the F1 Vision concept, it makes being at a Grand Prix even better, you get to be there, get the atmosphere and also get the usual commentary and full coverage you’re used to from watching at home. 

Back when it was called Fan Vision it was great, but the new revamped F1 Vision is even better. You can read our first impressions of F1 Vision from the Spanish GP here.

Now the only catch is that the service isn’t cheap. You’ve already spent out on travel and tickets for the Grand Prix, probably accommodation too, to then spend another $100 or so can be a bit hard to swallow.

The good news is that if you know you want one, believe us, you do then there’s a cheaper way to get your device. Enter Discover Grand Prix – they offer tickets and hospitality for F1 fans and have been doing so for many years. We’re good friends with them and they are now offering the F1 Vision service too, at the best price we’ve seen anywhere.

Put simply, it’s going to be roughly £100 for a device via the F1 website, but Discover Grand Prix offer the exact same service for £75. That’s a whopping 25% cheaper than anywhere else. 

We know where we’re going for our devices! Check out F1 Vision on Discover Grand Prix here.