nice belt...

Badger’s loves Twitter, the little micro-blogging tool is very simple, yet very clever*.

After catching up with some of Badger’s Buddies, we happened to notice that ‘Chuck Norris’ was the 5th highest trending topics – it’s his 70th birthday…

So in a bid to get good ol’ Mr Norris a little higher we asked you to complete the sentence “If Chuck Norris was driving in a Grand Prix…” and blimey, what a fantastic spread of responses – some of our favourites:

  • …he wouldn’t need to protest to the stewards, they would just give in to him! – RubberGoat
  • …he would change all 4 tyres in less than 2.6 seconds and refuel the car for fun! – Parkinsr
  • …he’d win the race in free practice. – EmLah
  • …he’d be hanging out the cockpit attaching limpet mines to the other cars wheels at 200mph! – JoeMaule
  • …Michael Schumacher would be the one being driven off the road. – CiaranBodenham
  • …there would be 3 tyre compounds, soft, hard and Chuck Norris. – flatin6th
  • …his race fuel would be the tears of other drivers. – LookingSpiffy
  • …teams would no longer build chassis from carbon fibre. They would use Chuck’s Beard. – RunoffArea
  • …he would overtake himself – ipopic
  • …he would lap Luca Badoer every 30 seconds – EnigmaF1
  • …his steering wheel would be made from nunchucks – matthawthorne

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*on re-reading this, maybe Twitter powered Chuck Norris jokes aren’t clever…a great time waster though…