Massively annoying, but it’s a nice competition, and it part of the ‘Formula Win’ campaign, spear headed by Georgie Thompson and the Sure for Men “Lotus F1 Team” edition deodorant range.  Yes, I also wondering how I’ve ended uf using F1 and deodorants in yet another article on Badger GP, but there you have it.

So here’s the video, it’s good in that it does provide some useful insight and you get to hear from key personal, but after the 5th time of hearing “click the tick” you’ll be doing well not to click the close button.

The press release:

“The video follows the Lotus F1 Team E21 car racing around the circuit. At key points during the lap, viewers are invited to click on links, which allow them to access additional interview features with team members and the drivers themselves.  During these features, team members reveal exclusive details of the fitness trainers who prepare the drivers to handle incredible g-forces and have the reactions of a fighter pilot, to the huge financial investment in state-of-the-art technology to achieve victory.  There is also a glimpse of how the team comes together in celebration when the perfect lap is performed and Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean find themselves on the podium.”