It seems that all of those already in Austin are impressed with the COTA track, turn 1 has been called ‘iconic’ already and the facility has won an award for being best US motorsport facility, even though it’s yet to hold any motor racing events.

Do we believe the hype?  For now, we’re going with the flow – we love the stars and stripes on the run off areas – yes it’s big and brash, but hey, this is the USA, so that’s all good.  Turn 1, with it’s blind apex and steep incline looks great and the track has clearly borrowed ideas from elsewhere – look closely and you’ll spot Becketts from Silverstone for example.

Thanks to our buddies at Octane Photos, here’s a virtual track walk for you, from the pit exit to the entrance, what do you think?  You can see all the photos on one page here too.


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Track Map (via AT&T)