While Webber is no doubt enjoying (goo)lashings of champagne back with his Red Bull team, here at Badger, our attention turns to ‘the other’ German…

A ‘come back’ by definition means to return to where one was previously.  In Schumacher’s case he’s a multiple world champion and statistically the most successful grand prix driver in history.  His so-called ‘come back’ has only been one in the sense that he’s back inside an F1 cockpit, other than that it’s been a pretty rough season in terms of results – no podiums, let alone a win.

There’s always been a camp that disliked the incredible German through his dirty tactics and on-track antics.  Today, at the Hungarian Grand Prix he’s over-stepped the line and was within an inch of causing a potentially fatal accident between him and Rubens Barrichello. A few laps previous to the incident Rubens was complaining via team radio about Schumacher’s dangerous driving and defensive moves, the final one of which led Rubens to demanding a black flag for his ex-Ferrari team mate.

Not only was the move ridiculous, nutty and downright dangerous, but Rubens Barrichello is one of the most well loved drivers in the paddock amongst the drivers, teams and fans alike.  Badger believes the anti-Schumacher camp may be slightly inundated with new subscribers all of a sudden.

Historically, stewards have not awarded such moves as too dangerous to penalise, but seriously, looking at these photos you can see that Rubens was nearly in the wall at speeds of over 190mph – bonkers.

Webber came on team radio during today’s race to celebrate passing Schumacher – it seems the driver that once installed fear across the grid has merely become a joke.

The move on Rubens led to Schumacher ‘being investigated after the race’  where the stewards decided on a 10-place penalty for the Belgian Grand Prix – Should Schumacher have been be banned for a race, fined or do you think this is the best call by the stewards? – you decide and let us know in the comments below.  As far as Badger’s concerned, Schumacher should cut his (massive) losses, hang up his helmet and give Nick Heidfeld the keys.

Image thanks to @f1wired on Twitter