The noble dog: over the centuries it has evolved from the wolf in to the myriad variety of canine chums that share the lives of people the world over. They’ve learnt to take on a vast array of tasks, from herding sheep to aiding the visually impaired. Some have even evolved so far as to be able to appreciate the greatest form of motorsport known to man – and now man’s best friend.

As you can see from the gallery below, some dogs enjoy watching Formula One as much – perhaps more – than the average human. Flicking through, you can see that Smaller Dog gets tired after the first few photos have been taken and conks out on the mat (perhaps knowing that the race has already been settled in Sebastian Vettel’s favour). However she’s a few cables short of a wheel tether, and thus runs in circles almost constantly, so it’s to be expected.

Bigger Dog meanwhile continues to watch the action, showing particular interest in Mark Webber. In fact, she turned around shortly after the Aussie passed Fernando Alonso as if to say “I told you he’d pass that Ferrari – I’m a dog, and I saw it coming. That’s DRS for you.”

Team Lotus have canine connections too, with a few four-legged cohorts hanging around their Dingham offices. They filled us in via the magic of Twitter last week…

But now the important question: does your pet – dog, cat, guinea fowl, whatever – enjoy watching the grand prix? If they do be sure to get a snap of them next time they’re following the race and send it our way. Once we’ve collected enough photos we’ll put together a pet-inspired grand prix gallery!