China delivered a fantastic Grand Prix won by Nico Rosberg but our TOP DOG award goes to a smiling assassin who delivered all weekend. Step forward Daniel Ricciardo!

imageTurning up in Shanghai with a rather dubious haircut, Ricciardo was in a positive mood on Saturday. A fantastic performance during qualifying saw him start on the front row ahead of both Ferraris. It was a result Red Bull could scarcely dream of a week ago. A lightning getaway had Ricciardo jump Rosberg’s Mercedes into the lead and he appeared to hold his own. Sadly a puncture on lap three saw the Australian limping back to the pits.

The puncture didn’t dampen his fighting spirits though and a steely drive brought him back up the field to a strong fourth by the checkered flag, just behind team-mate Daniil Kvyat. Without the puncture, Ricciardo finishing a comfortable second was not beyond belief such was his pace during the first few laps.

After a tame end to 2015 it’s great to see Ricciardo back to his very best. Ferrari and Mercedes must be looking very closely at Ricciardo. Red Bull of course will be desperate to keep him beyond this season. We certainly don’t think this will be the Honey Badger’s last TOP DOG award of 2016!