Sergio Perez

We’ve already done him, read our Top Dog report here.

Lewis Hamilton

Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Looking back on the Brit’s career, has he ever been as sombre with a win as he was on Sunday?

It’s a bit much to say he’s on his way to Mercedes, as everyone with an interest in F1 was reporting all weekend, but we just can help but feel that it isn’t as harmonious at McLaren as it had been at Canada, or Hungary, say.

Anyway, back to the on track action, where it all matters. Lewis was magnificent, and wasn’t even trouble by the way Sergio Perez was closing him down. While the Mexican was setting fastest lap after fastest lap, Hamilton set the occasional purple sector time to show anyone on the Sauber pitwall that he was firmly in control. Excellent stuff.

Jenson Button

Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Up in smoke goes the title bid for Jenson. We don’t want to say it – we’re all British and want him to do well – but the fuel pump failure in Monza has slammed the door for another season. And it was all going so swimmingly in second place.

Whatever went wrong between China and Germany cost him points where all of his rivals scored big. It should now be all about supporting a teammate who has a genuine shot at overhauling Fernando Alonso. And if that fails, at least he’ll know where he”l be driving next season.

Mark Webber

Missing – Mark Webber, race winner. Last seen at Silverstone in July. In danger of being completely forgotten, any info on whereabouts greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Daniel Ricciardo

Photo: Octane Photography

Looking at Toro Rosso in recent races, the only way you can measure how well both drivers are doing is comparing their results. And based on Monza, the Aussie is capable of hauling his sub-standard machinery to places it really shouldn’t be.

It was the little Italian squad’s chance for points, as their Ferrari engine would be faster than their Renault counterparts. Daniel made a one-stopper work to be on course for that solitary point for 10th place, but then heartbreak happened when he ran out of fuel on the very last negotiation of the Parabolica. Gutted.

Felipe Massa

Photo: The Cahier Archive

You have to hand it to Felipe baby, if you’re going to pick a place to try and convince people that you should stay at Ferrari, it might as well be the tifosi’s back garden. There was a little division in the Sett on where our loyalties were going into that first corner – we’re British, but we love an underdog.

The moment Fernando got within a sniff of passing Massa you knew what was coming. At least Rob Smedley had the gumption to use a strategic message instead of the one that’s become nothing more than a catchphrase. “Think about how you can manage your tyres” is a lot more diplomatic than “get out of the way, ‘Nando’s coming!”, we think.

Kamui Kobayashi

If your teammate starts 5 places behind you on the grid, then surely finishing in front of him is a great possibility? Not when it’s Sergio Perez, who’s making KK look like a relic of unrealised potential. Driving isn’t all about aggression right now, it requires some finesse, something that Kamui needs to learn fast if he’s to be in with a shout of keeping a drive. And not just at Sauber.