Let sleeping dogs lie, or so the phrase goes. Not in this Sett and not on our watch.

Toro Rosso

  • Qualifying: Alguersuari (7th) Buemi (9th)
  • Race: Buemi (14th) Alguersuari (DNF)

Wow. We mean that in the sense that, until just now, we hadn’t realised that Toro Rosso made the top 10 in qualifying, with Alguersuari starting 7th. Seventh!!! Note: this may just be me, others in The Sett may have realised.

Their weekend didn’t start particularly well in the free practice sessions, at least according to Giorgio Ascanelli, the Toro Rosso technical director. Then it got a lot better, what with their amazing qualifying session.

alguersuariThen, it got a lot worse for both drivers – Buemi went backwards at the start (not literally, but you know what I mean), was passed by Heidfeld and generally slipped away. Fourteenth, having started ninth, is not good, lest anyone need reminding.

Alguersuari suffered at the hands of what is known in the industry as a cock up. It all happened when that definitely not crucial component, one wheel, fell off his car. Not ideal. After that, he retired gracefully and was never to be heard from again (not quite true, but artistic licence etc etc).

Badger’s Best: Alguersuari


  • Qualifying: Kovalainen (19th) Trulli (20th)
  • Race: Kovalainen (16th) Trulli (19th)

Lotus are selling this as a great race for them, one in which they beat two established midfield teams in Sauber and Williams. This disregards the fact the Perez was throwing his car into anything that moved and Maldonado is, well, rubbish.


Nevertheless, the fact they beat them is definitely a good thing – let’s hope the packed midfield gets even more packed.

It was two stops for both drivers and another race in which Kovalainen outpaced Trulli. The veteran Italian’s last season in F1?

Badger’s Best: Kovalainen


  • Qualifying: d’Ambrosio (21st) Glock (22nd)
  • Race: d’Ambrosio (20th) Glock (21st)

Another underwhelming race for Virgin. They’re not great in all honesty, but this was a race (and qualifying) in which d’Ambrosio managed to beat Glock, so that’s something to write home about.

dambrosioGlock’s three stop strategy didn’t work due to all the blue flags (how can you possibly run a strategy scenario factoring that in?!), so he was feeling reasonably unhappy after the race, as you would.

That said, it sounds like the team have an upgrade coming for Turkey, so they’ve that to look forward to. It had beeter work. Fast.

Badger’s Best: d’Ambrosio


  • Qualifying: Liuzzi (23rd) Karthikeyan (24th)
  • Race: Liuzzi (22nd) Karthikeyan (23rd)

A jumped start for Liuzzi, followed by a switch from their one stop strategy to a two stop. Honestly, what are these lads playing at?

Karthikeyan even managed to complete his, and we’ll say it again, one stop strategy. Incredible.

Here’s a nice picture of Liuzzi; we really don’t have any more to say on HRT, except that there’s an upgrade coming. Joy.


Badger’s Best: Liuzzi

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