We complete our driver performance analysis for the German Grand Prix with a run through the backmarkers, better known at Badger as the Sleeping Dogs


  • Qualifying: Maldonado (13th) Barrichello (14th)
  • Race: Maldonado (14th) Barrichello (DNF)

It’s no longer a shock to see Williams in Sleeping Dogs; in fact, we almost expect it. How the mighty have fallen.

It’s also not surprising when a certain driver manages to finish lower than where he started the race. Maldonado has done it in every race this season where he’s finished, whereas Barrichello has nearly always improved (barring retirements, obviously).

maldanoThe big changes that Williams have undergone/are undergoing are clearly necessary. This year’s car hasn’t been good enough and with an ancient Brazilian and a petro-back Venezualan in the car, do they have the best driver lineup they could?

We don’t think they’re going to see it, but the best thing they could do is to get rid of their drivers and get in a couple of young, hungry drivers from GP2, define Williams as a brand again and give the fans something tangible to support. Payment for this idea should be sent to The Sett, Stripey Road, Badgerland, BA3 3ER.

Badger’s Best: Barrichello



  • Qualifying: Kovalainen (18th) Chandhok (20th)
  • Race: Kovalainen (16th) Chandhok (20th)

There really wasn’t too much competition in the Lotus team this weekend. Kovalainen, while he may not be of the class of Hamilton, Alonso or Vettel, is still a much better driver than Chandhok. Also, and possibly more importantly this weekend, he’s driven the car since god knows when last year. A lot.

Now, we at Badger like Chandhok; he’s a very intelligent speaker and is brilliant on the BBC F1 coverage when they invite him on. He genuinely seems like a nice guy. However, we at Badger doubt his ability to drive at a consistently high level in F1. He’s helped massively by the fact that he’s from a country with a rapidly expanding economy and middle class, meaning that’s he’s a very attractive proposition to sponsors (and, therefore, teams).

He finished last in Germany. Behind two Virgins and an Hispania. Draw your own conclusions.


More broadly, Lotus seem like they’re moving forward and next season we expect them to have made another significant step. They demonstrate how to join F1 and make a go of it, while keeping some dignity.

Badger’s Best: Kovalainen


  • Qualifying: Glock (19th) d’Ambrosio (21st)
  • Race: Glock (17th) d’Ambrosio (18th)

This was a good weekend for Virgin. Not particularly on the track, but definitely off it.

Timo Glock on a new 3 year deal? Tick. A tie up with McLaren to help the team push forward? Tick. While things may not get batter immediately, they definitely have a much better chance in the long term with both of those things.


Indeed, just as it seemed Timo was losing the faith somewhat, his decision to resign must have been influenced by knowledge of the McLaren deal.

As for the weekend, it was much as per usual. Glock beats D’Ambrosio into a cocked hat and everyone goes home thinking the world is very much in order. Who knows, Gary Paffett might even get a shot next year…

Badger’s Best: Glock


  • Qualifying: Ricciardo (22nd) Liuzzi (23rd – due to gearbox change penalty)
  • Race: Ricciardo (19th) Liuzzi (DNF)

It’s a bit misleading to say that Ricciardo was better than Liuzzi this weekend, although it seems that’s exactly what we’re doing. Nevermind, eh?

Liuzzi was faster in qualifying, but only marginally and then suffered electiral problems during the race. That said, Ricciardo wasn’t that far behind, so there’s progress being made.

Also, in other news, the team now want to be known as HRT. Really. Come on guys, preserve some self-respect.

Also, we don’t have a fancy graphic for Ricciardo, so everyone shut their eyes and imagine. There we go. The power of the written word lives on.

Badger’s Best: Ricciardo