Our main foray into the fast and not-so-fast of the inaugural Indian Grand Prix starts at the sharp end of the grid – otherwise known as the Top Dogs.

Red Bull

  • Sebastian Vettel: Quali – 1st, Race – 1st
  • Mark Webber: Quali – 2nd, Race – 4th

vettel Another race, another win for Vettel. He was brilliant again. Yada yada yada. Perhaps we should sing a song. Or learn a dance. Anything would be more interesting than the constant flow of praise coming the young German’s way. Just give over, will you?

Webber had another of those days. Second on the grid to fourth in the race isn’t exactly what one would call A Good Day’s Work.

He has, quite frankly, not been up to much this season. For a while we were willing to tolerate the idea that Vettel was making him look bad but, now we’ve had almost the full season, it’s clear that he’s just been bad. None of that should bother Red Bull one jot though, as they’ve got themselves a de facto number two driver who they don’t need to slow down.

Badger’s Best: Vettel


  • Lewis Hamilton: Quali – 5th (after 3 place grid penalty), Race – 7th
  • Jenson Button: Quali – 4th, Race – 2nd

buttonWe know McLaren aren’t as boring as Red Bull but really. Do you think you chaps could change your narrative for a sec?

Lewis Hamilton receives a penalty? Tick.

Jenson Button doesn’t qualify brilliantly? Tick.

Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa collide? Tick.

Jenson Button’s race pace is excellent? Tick.

Lewis Hamilton ends up apologising to his team? Tick.

Jenson Button finishes second only to Vettel? Tick?

The only thing that really deviated from the established mean was that Felipe Massa got a penalty for the clash with Lewis Hamilton. It looked much more like a racing incident to us, that’s all we’re saying.

We’d argue that Jenson Button is a better driver now than he was when he won the title with Brawn and, given that’s what he said he wanted to be when he moved to McLaren, it’s all gone rather well. Given his histroy of making slightly shonky career decisions, he’s hit the jackpot this time.

Badger’s Best: Button


  • Fernando Alonso: Quali – 3rd, Race – 3rd
  • Felipe Massa: Quali – 6th, Race – DNF
alonsoFelipe Massa is, whatever the rights or wrongs of the situation, in danger of slipping beneath the weight of his own anger, frustration and inability to beat his team mate. In any normal weekend his highest possible result is second. That’s quite a burden to bear but one that he’s signed up for, so it’s hard to feel too much sympathy.Another weekend, another scrap with Lewis Hamilton. Interestingly, this time, it was Massa who got the penalty but Lewis Hamilton who came off worse. They really need to sort themselves out – it seems to have reached a level where neither driver is willing to cede any ground. At all. Even in the face of an accident.Alonso did what Alonso does. Got the most out of the car and raced well. There’s not much more to say than that.

Badger’s Best: Alonso


  • Nico Rosberg: Quali – 7th, Race – 6th
  • Michael Schumacher: Quali – 11th, Race – 5th

Are we witnessing the renaissance of Michael Schumacher? His last six race results read 5th, 5th, DNF, 6th, DNF, 5th.


That’s a decent set of results for a driver from a team with no reasonable expectation of overhauling any of the top three teams. In the same period, Rosberg’s results have been passable, but not as good.

Next season is a big one for everyone involved with Mercedes. Schumacher, Rosberg and Brawn all need to prove they can move the team forward. Sharpish.

Until then we’re left with a slightly dull team racing round, occupying the role of “fast, but not quite fast enough”.

Badger’s Best: Schumacher