Every F1 fan up and down the land will have been on the edge of their seats yesterday with the latest round of the 2010 season attracting more viewers than the final England pre-World Cup game and a grand prix that set the record straight for Formula One.  Close racing and proper fighting for the lead is what the sport has always been and always should be about.

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For the first 39 laps around Istanbul Park, a casual viewer may have dared to think that the race was a bit boring, but oh how it wasn’t.  Even before the lap 40 incident, we had four fast cars driven by four potential 2010 World Champion drivers racing around the quite frankly excellent circuit (we reckon Tilke fluked this one) with nothing between them – it was only a matter of time before something happened.

Hamilton had a bit of a go at Vettel before the pit stops where the Red Bull team got one over on McLaren to have Vettel follow Webber in 2nd place.  Hamilton was still charging at Vettel with Button in his shadow and Webber leading the way – cracking stuff.  Sure enough, come lap 40 and it all went a bit wrong for the fizzy drinks team, while the rival McLaren team enjoyed a bit of jostling but kept it clean.

It’s this reason why we proclaim that the Turkish GP was good for F1 – it proved that we can have proper racing for the lead and cars battling for positions – one mistake from any of the leading four would have changed everything and any of those four drivers could have won the race (well until lap 40).

This race also highlighted the benefits of the (new for 2010) refueling ban – here at Badger we’ve always been a fan of the ban with it prompting a return to proper grand prix racing, rather than a number of short stint races, with the front pack racing so closely, all having to make it to the chequered flag it was a proper race and fight rather than being a game of chess played by the drivers’ engineers studying fuel levels, pace and strategies, sure it’s a shame for Vettel and Red Bull, but that’s racing – it’s what it’s all about and we want to see more.

After such a thriller of a race, we can now look forward to Canada with great anticipation – the Gilles Villeneuve circuit never fails to deliver anything but an exciting grand prix and with the leading four so close to each other and the others not too far behind, we’ll be in for a corker.

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