We like the idea of Formula E. Another feeder series into F1 and a chance for the FIA to pretend its being environmentally conscious (if not “friendly” – How friendly can you be flying people all over the world every 2 weeks?)

For those of you that aren’t in the know, Formula E is the FIA’s new electric powered single seat formula, due to take to the track in 2014.

Yesterday it was announced that Renault, suppliers of engines to four of  Formula One’s eleven teams will be their new technical partner. They also released some rather swanky images of the new motor which has a striking resemblance to current IndyCar chassis – perhaps unsurprisingly given they are both produced by Dallara. We think it looks pretty cool!

Formula E

But what about the noise of metal on metal? The thrash of the (soon to be) Turbo engines? Well…. here’s a sneaky peak at what a Formula E car might well sound like…