It’s been a while in the making already and isn’t out until September this year, but the new F1 2010 game looks mighty impressive, even at this very early stage. Codemasters, the developers of the new game gave us a sneak preview of what to expect and their thoughts behind the production.

“Be the driver, live the life” – it sounds cheesey, but what Codemasters are telling us is that F1 2010 is a ‘departure’ from the typical F1 games we have seen before. The game gives the driver (i.e. you) the chance to live the life rather than just drive the car, you attend press conferences and have meetings with your agent as well as trying to be the fastest on the track. Sounds mad, but also quite intriguing.

As for the game, they are most proud of their weather and track systems – and so they should be, the grip of the track is measured at every 30cm and just as in real life the nature of the track changes, i.e. goes from being ‘green’ (not literally) to being rubbered in as the race weekend progresses. Marbles also build up off the racing line, again, just as in real life. Speaking of rubber and tyres, as seen in previous games the cars tyres will wear down, but in F1 2010 they not only wear down but you can flat spot them, they can accumulate blisters or get a puncture – and as you would expect the handling changes, just as in real life.

As for damage, that looks pretty good too, it’s all true to life and it seems that as well as breaking your front wing during a first corner battle your suspension can also become damaged which will effect your handling – that’s just an example of how realistic this game is, what’s more – some things, as in real life, can be fixed in a pit stop, and when we say pit stops, they’re pretty damn spot on too. You’ll need to hit the speed-limiter at the right time and make sure you stop on your marks – miss them and you could harm your pit crew, which are fully motion captured and move around the garage and pit stop routine in a very much life like manner.

Here’s some screengrabs and example footage. Do note the videos here are known as ‘pre-alpha’ – i.e. code at it’s very earliest and the content is 2009 season, whereas the game will be 2010. Despite it being very early on in development, it does look superb.



Badger was live tweeting from the event and you can see our comments on twitter or read the highlights below (tweets are max 140 characters, hence the short, snappy comments)

There’s qualifying strategy too – ie when to go out if it’s raining. Beating your team mate. Get the team around you.

Career mode features season upgrades and car developments of your car and your rivals..You can hang out in the garage too. Weird/brilliant.

Features teammate rivalry too. This career mode is insane – a lot more than just racing.

You can seek out puddles to cool your tyres if they are over heating on a wet/dry track!

Engine management, wing management and complete control in pit stops – limiter and managing revs etc too

The AI (artificial intelligence) is to have ‘racing instinct’ and character