Liveries – the first things we see when the cover is taken off a new Formula One car, so naturally it’s the first thing we poke and prod until we’re satisfied. Or at least until the next story comes along for us to dissect.

Plenty has been written about what each livery means, why logos are where and what people think – but can they be summed up in just 140 characters?

Let’s find out.

ferrari-livery-2016 force-india-livery-2016 haas-livery-2016 manor-livery-2016 mclaren-honda-livery-2016 mercedes-livery-2016 red-bull-racing-livery-2016 renault-livery-2016 sauber-livery-2016 toro-rosso-livery-2016 williams-livery-2016

Oh well, we’ll soon forget about this and move on to complaining about the racing instead. Happy testing season!

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