…imagine a Grand Prix restaurant – where people could go to enjoy Formula One – both past and present and actually meet other fans in real life, breaking the technological barriers of Twitter and Facebook.  It could be great, but there’s two very important questions that need answering if such a crazy (but brilliant) idea was to ever happen – namely:

  • What would the restaurant be called?
  • What would be on the menu?

The first question is easy peasy – thanks to the new rookie on the block at Force India – the Scotsman, Paul Di Resta.  It’d would work perfectly if his backing and name could be used to start up the place – why?  Well beacause it could be called…

The Paul Di Restaurant

…and as for the food, well, thanks to everyone who follows BadgerGP on Twitter and is a fan on Facebook, we can present to you now, the full, extensive menu of Grand Prix grub that should be available at Paul Di Restaurant…

Starter-ing Grid:

Stirling Broth – a fine Scottish soup of meat and vegetables
Paté Symonds – a clever starter
PrawnGP Cocktail – a one-off very special starter

Flying Lap, quick snacks:

Ru-beans Barrichello – a favourite Brazilian bean dish that been around for ages
Oliver Panini – a well remembered, unusual French panini snack
Franz Toast – an Austrian bossy toast based dish
Sauber Kraut – a classic dish that’s ever popular and looking good for 2011
McChicane Sandwich – our fast-food option
Corn on the Kob-ayashi – an exciting Japanese dish
Toro Rissoto – a struggling but passionate rice dish
Tea and Mike Gayscones – a popular twist on the afternoon tea

Grand Prix Main Courses:

Gerhard Cheese Burgers – a tasty Austrian burger
Nico Hulkenburger – a German currywurst style burger
Andretti Spaghetti – a legendary Italian dish
Pastor Maldonado – a new Venezuelan pasta dish, somewhat unknown
Todt in the hole – a French twist on a classic English meal
Chicken Tikka Massa-la – great meal, nearly champion worthy
Glock au vin – a German twist of Coq Au Vin
Fer-nandos Chicken – a Spanish main course, prone to being firey
Pedro Dinners – a rich but unsuccessful Brazilian meal
Croftage Pie – a popular and fun pastry dish
Allan McNish and Chips
Sea bass tin beer day – an unlucky but tasty fish dish in a beer sauce
Nico Rosbeef – a German twist on the Sunday lunch
Steak and Bernie(aise) sauce – yummy, but watch your back
Lewis Hamburgers – quick, exciting burgers

Sakhir Des-serts

Bertrand Gateaux – a rarely heard about pudding
Chocolate Jenson Buttons – a champion kids dessert
Juan Manuel Flangio – a truly brilliant dessert
Bernie Eccles Cakes – the all-powerful, but ancient treat
Johnny Sherbert Fountain – a popular, fun sweet
Martin Whitmarshmallows – a popular kids treat
d’Ambrosio Custard – a new addition for 2011, already popular

Runoff Area – Side Dishes

Nick Fries – an odd, but experienced side dish
Sutil Flavour – add a dash of subtle flavour to your dish
Pitta Stop Bread – an exciting side dish
Murray Walkers Crisps – a massively popular snack that’s legendary in Britain
Sebastian Feta Cheese – young, champion worthy cheesey side dish
Vettel Chips – champion worthy baked potato snack

Refueling Options – Drinks Menu

Sebastian Bordeaux – an unlucky, but popular wine
Eddie Irwine – an annoying, loud Irish wine
Giancarlo Fizzy-Cola – a tasty Italian soft drinks
Sebastian Vittel Water – our bottled water
Rubens Limon-cello – a delicious aperitif
as well as a range of Timo Glocktails

Breakfast Options:

Pat Fry Up – a traditional full English
Special Bobby K – a great healthy breakfast, sadly missing off the 2011 menu
Max Muesli – a troublesome breakfast option
Eggs Bernie(dict) – a scary but wonderful breakfast

So after all this food and drink if you’re not feeling a bit Jacky (S)icyx, it’s just the Christian Kliening to be done…

We hope you enjoy our extensive menu of Formula 1 food, just need someone to setup a Paul Di Restaurant now.  Thanks to everyone on Facebook and Twitter who made the original suggestions for this menu – If there are any we’ve missed – make your additional contributions in the comments below…